It is easy to decide on moving out temporarily in times when your place has been planned to be renovated. But there are also others who choose to simply stay even with the on-going renovation project. Regardless, one question always arises in the minds of the homeowners: what about their possessions? In truth, you can avoid all the headaches associated to realizing this question if you have planned about your storage needs and possible options ahead of time.

There are several available storage options for renovation purposes. The most basic of it all is storing your belongings in your place itself. But this is only ideal if your home still has enough storage space to spare. If not, you can ask some of your family members or friends if they still have some available space you can use for storage. Another option is storing your possessions at a self-storage facility. Click here to know more information about portable storage containers. If you want the most convenient version of that, you may consider buying or renting portable storage containers.

The Beauty of Renting or Buying Movable Storage Containers

Using portable storage containers when renovating is a convenient option because it eliminates the need to rely on your family and friends. It provides enough storage space for your possessions while it keeps them protected as the renovation project continues.

Portable Storage Containers

Plus, you can choose to store your possessions in these containers and leave where it is easily accessible to you – at your home. Or, you can decide to have the container with your possessions stored at your provider’s storage facility. Then it will be re-delivered to your place as soon as the renovating is completed. Either way, you are guaranteed that your possessions are stored in a safe and secure place.

Three Important Things You can Benefit from Movable Storage Containers

1. Space

Renovation is one messy process. It always ends up filling rooms with tools, paint cans, ladders and other similar items. Whether you hired professionals to renovate your home or decided to take care of it yourself, you will benefit from the space these containers can provide. With the household items stored away, you obtain complete independence to move around without worrying about tripping over and bumping into furniture.

Having portable storage containers helps clear out your working space by providing your possessions with a safe and secure storage place. A cleared out space is likely to result to a more stress-free and efficient working period.

2. Convenient

The use of portable storage containers eliminates the need to go back and forth a storage facility. All you need to do to benefit from this convenience is call a provider of these movable storage containers and have one delivered at your home. That’s what makes this option hassle-free.

3. Protection

It is a given that you have invested enough to acquire all the household possessions you have now. As the homeowner, you want all your valuables to be protected especially now against possible damages your renovation project might cause.

Yes, you can simply leave your household items inside your home and cover them something for protection. But this does not mean that your possessions are saved from being pushed, shoved and even being hit.

You may reason that you no longer have the extra space in other available parts of your house to store your valuables. But you can choose to rent portable storage containers. Storing your possessions inside these containers ensure that they won’t get scratched or broken in the duration of the renovation.

Available Storage Containers for any Size of Project

It is significantly shown from the listed reasons above how such storage option can be a life-saver when renovating homes. It helps preserve the condition of your valuables, and keep them from getting damaged and misplaced. So if you are planning to renovate your home soon, you now know the options to use for your storage needs. No matter what the size of your renovation project is, there is always the exact size of storage container that can suit your requirement.

Wearing a lanyard is very usual nowadays. Everywhere you look, people are wearing lanyards as part of their daily outfits. Most people wear lanyards to ensure that their identification cards or IDs don’t get misplaced. Different schools and workplaces have chosen to have students and employees wear their IDs with a lanyard instead of the usual ID clips. Easier to wear and not prone to getting lost, the ID lanyards that these institutions provide are mostly customized. Together with the school or company name, the logo can also be found on the personalized lanyards which are usually made with polyester or nylon materials.

However, aside from being used to hold your ID, custom lanyards also have many other uses. They can be used as key holders, gadget straps, safety cords, or even as pet IDs.

1. Keys Holder

Fiddling through your bags to find your keys can sometimes be frustrating, especially when you are in a hurry. To solve this problem, some people opt to wear a lanyard to hold their keys so that they can instantly open and lock doors whenever they need to. Security guards in establishments mostly use lanyards for their different sets of keys. There are also many store owners and employees who use lanyards for their keys.

For this purpose, most people choose to have their custom lanyards made in tubular or polyester material because of its strength and durability. Also, tubular lanyards are quite inexpensive.

2. Gadget Strap

A lot of gadgets now come with straps. Most companies have deemed it necessary to include company custom lanyards with their electronic devices. Today, people are no longer satisfied with having bags or pouches for their gadgets. Because they are always on-the-go and would want everything done instantly, people would rather have their gadgets out and available whenever they need it. This is why lanyards are important – it lets you carry the electronic devices around your neck or wrist, so that you would not have your hands full.

Custom LanyardsAs mentioned, there are a lot of companies that already provide their own lanyards as part of the product package. However, if you want to have your own lanyards customized, it is advisable that you use a material which is very durable so that it can effectively carry the weight of your gadgets. The advisable lanyards for heavy electronics (such as professional cameras) are tubular lanyards or cord lanyards. And of course, you have to choose an equally durable hook that should come with your lanyard.

3. Lifeguard’s Safety Cord/Strap

Most lifeguards are seen to be wearing lanyards with different safety materials attached to their end. This kind of lanyard is sometimes called a safety cord or strap. Because of the crucial nature of a lifeguard’s job, it is very important that his whistle be available to him every time he is on duty. To avoid wasting time looking for a whistle, it is mandated that lifeguards wear a lanyard with their whistle attached to it. Sometimes, the lifeguard also attaches his keys, his sunglasses, a mobile phone, or any other rescue tool to his lanyard.

If you would like to have custom lanyards for this particular use, it is greatly advised that you consider using cord lanyards because they are simple and comfortable to wear. However, if you choose to have your lanyards in polyester material, you may want to have them sublimated so that they would not peel or crack easily.

4. Pet ID

Humans are not the only ones who wear IDs. Today, a collar is no longer sufficient to show ownership or possession over animals, thus owners have deemed it necessary to place IDs on their pets. Through their custom lanyards, dogs and cats are now wearing their identification cards with their collars.

For this purpose, many people select polyester, tubular or woven lanyards because of their strength. These lanyards are complemented by durable leash hook end fasteners or metal snaps.

Given these diverse uses, it’s definitely true that lanyards are among the most versatile accessories.

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Before going out and playing golf, one should first know the fundamentals of the game, and these include the golf equipment. One cannot just play golf without any equipment. He should come to the filed prepared. Now, golf equipment could be classified into two kinds, the necessary and the optional. The necessary equipment are those that the player should bring so that he could play golf. The optional equipment are those that he could bring for performance improvement or for game convenience.

The Necessary Golf Equipment

1.Golf ball

golf ballAs the name suggests, this is a ball specifically made for golf. It is a small ball with dimples that weigh around 1.65 oz and is at least 1.68 inches in diameter. The golf ball is generally white, but there are now brightly colored and neon ones to help the player locate the ball more quickly. The ball has performance limitations as to velocity, distance and symmetry. Before it could be used, it undergoes a testing for approval by the Royal & Ancient (R&A) and the United States Golf Association (USGA). The two most basic kinds of golf balls are the recreational and the advanced.

2.Golf club

This is the equipment used to hit the golf ball in a game. A regular golf player usually carries more than one golf club, but not more than fourteen as this is the maximum number allowed. These clubs are numbered corresponding to the distance it can make the ball fly. There are different kinds of golf clubs depending on how far it can propel the ball and at what angle or degree of loft it can get the ball into the air. The different kinds of clubs are woods, irons, wedges, putters, and hybrid.

3.Golf attire

Golf players are also required to wear golf shoes if they want to play. These are shoes with plastic soft spikes at the sole to help the player maintain his balance during the swings.

The Optional Golf Equipment


A tee is a small plastic spike pushed into the ground. This spike has a cup at the top where the ball is placed. It is used to elevate the ball from the ground for an easier shot.

2.Ball Marker

Players are not allowed to touch their ball until they could get it into the hole. However, there are some cases that the players could pick up their ball but only before they have marked the exact spot where the ball lies. To do so, players use ball markers, which are generally small round objects that are distinct from other objects, to be put in the place of the ball.

3.Ball Mark repair tool

When the ball hits the ground, a depression in the green is often formed. This depression is called a ball mark; ball marks inhibit the regrowth of grass because they compact the ground. The player in order to loosen the compacted area and fix the marked surface could use a ball mark repair tool, also called pitchfork or divot tool.

4.Golf cart

A golf cart is a vehicle used to help the golf player travel from one location to another. There are also two-wheeled golf carts, called hand carts, made for the golf bag if the player prefers to walk but does not want to carry his bag.

5.Club head covers

These are covers made for the head of the golf clubs. These are used to prevent the clubs from getting scratched when they hit each other while in the bag. These also help the players quickly identify their clubs amongst other things.

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The climate is an important factor for any real estate market. That is because most home buyers and home investors are always considering it before deciding to purchase any home for sale in the area. It is notable that locations with mild to warm climate are enjoying more popularity.

The long island real estate broker market is not spared from this trend. The prevailing climate in the area is ideal enough for many home buyers to consider buying properties there. Certainly, Long Island could get very cold during winter, just like the rest of New York. But interestingly, that does not deter the strong sales of homes for sale within its neighborhoods.

There are two counties covered in the area

Nassau in the west and Suffolk County in the east. The prevailing climate in the two counties could be close to each other, but not exactly the same. There could be differences in the average daily temperature per month and the average amount of precipitation.

Long Island generally has four prevailing seasons each year. Those are summer, fall, winter, and spring. Summers are typically sunny and very hot. On the extreme, winters usually get very chilly and snowy. Despite this fact, many people still like the extremities of the climate in this part of New York.

Real EstateFor the temperature, days could be hottest in July. The average daily temperature in the month could be around 74.2 ºF or 23.4 ºC. Summer months prevail from June to September. By October, the weather starts to get cold. December is already very chilly but wait until January when temperature drops below freezing point at about 31.9 ºF or -0.05 ºC, the coldest in the season.

Precipitation comes all year round in the form of rain or snow. From December to January, snow is more likely to fall. From March to May, rain pours. During the summer months of June to September, there is always a possibility of rainfall but not as heavy as in other months.

Most homes for sale in long island real estate broker market are designed and constructed to perfectly suit the prevailing climate. It is important to carefully inspect the houses before closing any purchase transaction deal. The land area sizes are also ideal to cope with the prevailing climate.

As for the furniture, most homes should be equipped with necessary heaters. As mentioned, the climate in the area becomes too cold during winter months, that it is a must to have functional heaters in place. Air conditioners for cooling could be also ideal for summer days, although many homes deal without those. Overall, many home buyers rave about the subtle and tolerable climate in Long Island.

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There are many kinds of traditions in the military which build camaraderie but there is a well-respected tradition of carrying military coins, also known as challenge coins, a small token or medallion which signifies that the person is a member of a military organization. Even though challenge coins are now being collected in the civilian population, there is still a bit of mystery surrounding these coins for those outside the military forces.

What Do Military Coins Look Like?

military coinA regular challenge coin is around 1.5 inches to 2 inches in diameter with the thickness of 1/10 inch. However, the style and size of these coins vary: some coins come in unusual shapes such as shields, arrowheads, and pentagons. Some are even crafted in the same shape as dog tags.

Most military coins are made of nickel, copper, brass or pewter with a variety of finishes. There are even limited editions which are plated in gold. Designs of the coins range from simple (with the engraving of the unit’s insignia, motto or symbol) to unusual (having multi-dimensional designs, enamel highlights or cut-outs).

The Challenge

There are stories surrounding these challenge coins which involve American soldiers during the World War II. American soldiers stationed during the war have a tradition of doing a “pfennig check-up”. Pfennig was a former monetary unit in Germany having the lowest denomination of 1/100 deutsche mark. If one of the soldiers did not have a pfennig when the check-up was made, that particular soldier was forced to buy beers for the rest of the soldiers.

The challenge changed from a pfennig to a challenge coin. Nowadays, the members of the military would then challenge each other by putting out a challenge coin. If any soldier does not have his challenge coin, he will need to buy a drink not only for the challenger but also for everyone who participated and showed their coins. On the other hand, if all unit members have their challenge coins, the challenger, then, have to buy drinks for everyone who participated.

A VIP’s Secret Handshake

The Secretary of Defence, Robert Gates, before his retirement in June 2011, visited the military bases in Afghanistan. During his visit, he shook hands with the men and women of the Armed Forces. The gesture may seem as merely a simple sign of respect. However, the gesture was a secret handshake with a twist. Those who shook hands with Robert Gates were surprised to be given a special Secretary of Defence military coin.

Beyond the Military

A lot of organizations are now using challenge coins. In the government, everyone from the White House staff to the service agents have their own challenge coins. Even the United States presidents are known to take part in keeping and giving challenge coins. The fad started with President Bill Clinton and from then, all United States Presidents have had their own challenge coins. Even the Vice President Dick Cheney had his own challenge coin too.

Most President Challenge Coins, also known as Presidential coins, have different uses. Some were used during inauguration, some were to commemorate a President’s administration, and some were given to the general public. However, there is a very special presidential coin which can only be received by someone who will be able to shake the hand of the World’s Most Powerful Man. It is also the most sought-after and rarest challenge coin in the world.

These military coins can also be given by the President during special occasions especially to military personnel or foreign dignitaries and diplomats. These challenge coins were given mostly to soldiers who came from deployment or those who died in service of the military. will respond to your military coin needs and provide your company with the highest value of any military coin provider.

There can’t be just one kind of speaker job that fits all categories. Just like doctors and their specializations, speakers can have their own specializations.

Platform speakers are among the most common kinds of speakers right now. These are people who can deliver content on almost any kind of topic. But they aren’t particularly focused on the topic they’re delivering. They’re more focused on promoting their products. These products could range from instructional videos, training seminars, consultancy services, clubs, and even personalized merchandise. Although they have spent a considerable amount of time mastering the content of their speeches, they are sure to spend a small part of each speech promoting their own brand.

Platform speakers usually take advantage of events that have a small rate. They aren’t interested in the amount they’ll earn from speaking in certain gatherings; instead, they use those as opportunities to reach out to their target markets. They’re more promoters than speakers in nature.

Motivational SpeakerOn another note, keynote speakers do not focus on selling products. Their main goal is to convey certain messages to the audience. These messages could be on a variety of topics and not just about motivation and success. They could talk about anything, ranging from marketing, sales, science, and even entertainment. The main difference that sets keynote speakers apart from motivational speakers and platform speakers is the fact that they are considered experts in their field. They are given the time to speak because of the message that they can deliver and not because of what they intend to sell to the audience.

Finally, motivational speakers have only one main message. Different motivational speakers have different interpretations of this message and have their own ways of imparting their knowledge to their audiences. Some use funny stories and others use their own personal experiences. Just like keynote speakers, they are paid to speak and not just to appear. This makes their appearance rates bigger than those of platform speakers.

But when it comes to earning, not one kind of speaker is above the other. Although platform speakers do not earn as much as motivational speakers and keynote speakers, they make up for it through their promotions. They may not get paid per speaking session, but they earn through their promotions. They earn sales through subscriptions and purchases of whatever it is that they promote whenever they appear.

Motivational speakers and keynote speakers enjoy higher rates because they come with a lot more promise as compared to a platform speaker. They are usually more experienced, more knowledgeable and have more knowledge and information to share whenever they talk. This is the reason why they can charge so much.

A beginner in the speaking circuit might want to start off as a platform speaker. This is because it doesn’t take much to promote a product. All they need is a product to promote and an audience to purchase it. A popular trend in the speaking circuits is for platform speakers to go professional and concentrate on just being motivational or keynote speakers when they’ve garnered enough experience. But then, there are also those who choose to stay as platform speakers because they’ve found a lucrative following of buyers who love their products.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the personal goals of speakers. What do they want to accomplish? Do they want to talk about a topic that they’re passionate about, or do they want to promote the fruits of their research and labor? Do they want to earn through discourse or through sales? Truth be told though, answering those questions isn’t easy – thorough thinking is indeed necessary.

Most electronic devices need a PCB (printed circuit board) to support and connect its surface-mounted and socketed components to sophisticated computer systems. This device holds a conductive system of circuits etched or printed onto non-conductive substrates. Creating such a piece involves the process of assembling a substrate, drilling and plating holes, crafting the circuit pattern to be printed on the substrate, mounting the parts, and packaging.

There are a number of methods for PCB fabrication, each with its own pros and cons. The four most commonly known ones are etching, send out, direct plating and copper removal.


This is the most utilized method of PCB fabrication because, aside from the simplicity of its design, it is also cost-effective. It involves the process of manually removing excess copper from the board with the use of a chemical (either ferric chloride or sodium persulphate etchant). The remaining portion is used to conduct electrical current through the board.

Placing a pattern on the board could be done through any of the following methods:


It is a simple process of drawing the pattern by hand with the use of waterproof resist pens. Specialty tapes could be used as a guide.


Pcb fabricationThe circuit board is initially coated with a thin layer of resist material. An Ultra Violet translucent artwork film is positioned on top of the board and, after being exposed to UV light (with the use of a UV exposure box), is placed into a developer bath. This acts to get rid of the sensitized photoresist; the remainder embodies the circuit. It is capable of producing consistently high quality outputs.

Direct Etch

This makes use of special transfer paper. The laser printer-generated image etched on the transfer paper is ironed onto the circuit board for approximately 2 minutes. Afterwards, the board is submerged in water to dissolve the special coating, leaving the ironed pattern behind.


A screen, which has been covered by a photo-sensitive material, is developed and exposed before it is positioned beneath a frame. Afterwards, special ink is loaded on top of the setup and is raked through the frame.

The major disadvantage of etching is that it requires a lot of time and effort in creating each PCB.

Send Out

As the name suggests, send out involves the process of sending premade PCB templates to a Board House where it will me professionally manufactured. The template must include assembly sketches, a layout file, and an NC drill file of hole positions.

This method of PCB fabrication is rather slow and very expensive, but it produces high quality outputs. It is therefore recommended for bulk purchases and not for small scale production.

Direct Plating

This is a fully automated method that uses an industrial machine to “directly plate” the board on the track. It is fast and produces the highest quality outputs out of the lot, but is quite costly. It is not recommended for neophyte manufacturers.

Copper Removal

This process requires the use of a cutter plotter – a printer that generates a hard copy of computer-aided designs. To use this, simply install PCB layout software, select the desired outline, and print it out.

The downside to this PCB fabrication method is the speed of production: it is rather sluggish. This should only be used to build prototypes and not the final products.
In selecting the right method to use, consider the budget, number of items to manufacture, and availability of materials or equipment. Do keep in mind that aseptic technique must be used when creating and assembling the board – the environment must be clean and uncontaminated by harmful microorganisms. Dirt only decreases the functionality and reliability of the PCB.

Water misters work in dry climates by forcing a tinier amount of water out of a fine nozzle, producing mist. The cooling down of air involves the process of evaporation, where mist dries fast and cools down the air.  The water misting system is not complicated, but requires routine maintenance to function effectively. You can choose from a permanently mounted misting system or the portable one. The mister is very useful for outdoor activities like fishing, sporting events or attending outdoor concerts.

mistersWith patio misters, hot summer temperatures can turn into spring. By using misting fans or misting systems, you can have an outdoor space that is cool and comfortable even in the middle of summer. Mister is simple to install and easy to use.

Most homeowners spend lots of time and money to create a lovely outdoor space. They actually spend a lot just to have the look that they want. If you want to spend more time in your patio with your friends and family, invest in patio misters. You wouldn’t want to be cooped up inside all day.

The Function of Patio Misters

Patio mister works by pushing water in a tiny nozzle at high pressure. The mist released is so fine that it evaporates in the air before hitting the ground. Evaporation uses heat in the air. Whenever you get out of the swimming pool and experienced the wave of cooling that washes over you, you actually felt the evaporative cooling. And this cooling effect can bring the temperature down by more than 35 degrees.

Keep Adequate Pressure

mist coolingWater misters depend on adequate pressure to push the water in the tiny holes of the misting system. The movable or portable water misters have built in manual pumps and when the pressure is high, it produces tinier droplets. If the pressure is low, it will spit out bigger droplets of water which makes it less effective.
This is also true with permanently installed water misting system. Others use pressure regulators to increase the pressure high enough to produce the fine stream of mist.

Replace Filters

The majority of water misting system has a filtration system that keeps large particles out that may clog the misters. If your misting system gets clogged frequently, you need a fine filter to keep the large particles in the water out. The filters should be replaced at the start of each misting season, and in cases where the water is hard. Examining the filters weekly will keep the misting system working well and prevent too much build up. If your mister is not performing well, you might need to check the filters every two days. In places where water is known to be very hard, you need a finer filter for your misters to keep it from clogging.

Regularly Check and Clean Your Misting System

misterAs mentioned earlier, your misting system gets clogged easily if the water is excessively hard. If this is the case, then you need to regularly check your system. To clean your misting system all you need to do is to unscrew them and soak them in the vinegar or use a cleaning product that dissolves lime. This will help in unclogging the system. Don’t use nail or needle in the orifice of the mister. These are sensitive parts and can be damaged easily. If you need to replace your old misting system, make sure that you bring the old misting system to match the orifice size and threads.

When the summer season ends or when the weather gets too humid to use the misting system effectively, you can drain the lines and misters will prevent the hard particles from forming in the lines. It will help your misting system last longer.

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