A Complete List of Golf Equipment

Before going out and playing golf, one should first know the fundamentals of the game, and these include the golf equipment. One cannot just play golf without any equipment. He should come to the filed prepared. Now, golf equipment could be classified into two kinds, the necessary and the optional. The necessary equipment are those that the player should bring so that he could play golf. The optional equipment are those that he could bring for performance improvement or for game convenience.

The Necessary Golf Equipment

1.Golf ball

golf ballAs the name suggests, this is a ball specifically made for golf. It is a small ball with dimples that weigh around 1.65 oz and is at least 1.68 inches in diameter. The golf ball is generally white, but there are now brightly colored and neon ones to help the player locate the ball more quickly. The ball has performance limitations as to velocity, distance and symmetry. Before it could be used, it undergoes a testing for approval by the Royal & Ancient (R&A) and the United States Golf Association (USGA). The two most basic kinds of golf balls are the recreational and the advanced.

2.Golf club

This is the equipment used to hit the golf ball in a game. A regular golf player usually carries more than one golf club, but not more than fourteen as this is the maximum number allowed. These clubs are numbered corresponding to the distance it can make the ball fly. There are different kinds of golf clubs depending on how far it can propel the ball and at what angle or degree of loft it can get the ball into the air. The different kinds of clubs are woods, irons, wedges, putters, and hybrid.

3.Golf attire

Golf players are also required to wear golf shoes if they want to play. These are shoes with plastic soft spikes at the sole to help the player maintain his balance during the swings.

The Optional Golf Equipment


A tee is a small plastic spike pushed into the ground. This spike has a cup at the top where the ball is placed. It is used to elevate the ball from the ground for an easier shot.

2.Ball Marker

Players are not allowed to touch their ball until they could get it into the hole. However, there are some cases that the players could pick up their ball but only before they have marked the exact spot where the ball lies. To do so, players use ball markers, which are generally small round objects that are distinct from other objects, to be put in the place of the ball.

3.Ball Mark repair tool

When the ball hits the ground, a depression in the green is often formed. This depression is called a ball mark; ball marks inhibit the regrowth of grass because they compact the ground. The player in order to loosen the compacted area and fix the marked surface could use a ball mark repair tool, also called pitchfork or divot tool.

4.Golf cart

A golf cart is a vehicle used to help the golf player travel from one location to another. There are also two-wheeled golf carts, called hand carts, made for the golf bag if the player prefers to walk but does not want to carry his bag.

5.Club head covers

These are covers made for the head of the golf clubs. These are used to prevent the clubs from getting scratched when they hit each other while in the bag. These also help the players quickly identify their clubs amongst other things.

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