The Benefits of Installing a Patio Mister

Water misters work in dry climates by forcing a tinier amount of water out of a fine nozzle, producing mist. The cooling down of air involves the process of evaporation, where mist dries fast and cools down the air.  The water misting system is not complicated, but requires routine maintenance to function effectively. You can choose from a permanently mounted misting system or the portable one. The mister is very useful for outdoor activities like fishing, sporting events or attending outdoor concerts.

mistersWith patio misters, hot summer temperatures can turn into spring. By using misting fans or misting systems, you can have an outdoor space that is cool and comfortable even in the middle of summer. Mister is simple to install and easy to use.

Most homeowners spend lots of time and money to create a lovely outdoor space. They actually spend a lot just to have the look that they want. If you want to spend more time in your patio with your friends and family, invest in patio misters. You wouldn’t want to be cooped up inside all day.

The Function of Patio Misters

Patio mister works by pushing water in a tiny nozzle at high pressure. The mist released is so fine that it evaporates in the air before hitting the ground. Evaporation uses heat in the air. Whenever you get out of the swimming pool and experienced the wave of cooling that washes over you, you actually felt the evaporative cooling. And this cooling effect can bring the temperature down by more than 35 degrees.

Keep Adequate Pressure

mist coolingWater misters depend on adequate pressure to push the water in the tiny holes of the misting system. The movable or portable water misters have built in manual pumps and when the pressure is high, it produces tinier droplets. If the pressure is low, it will spit out bigger droplets of water which makes it less effective.
This is also true with permanently installed water misting system. Others use pressure regulators to increase the pressure high enough to produce the fine stream of mist.

Replace Filters

The majority of water misting system has a filtration system that keeps large particles out that may clog the misters. If your misting system gets clogged frequently, you need a fine filter to keep the large particles in the water out. The filters should be replaced at the start of each misting season, and in cases where the water is hard. Examining the filters weekly will keep the misting system working well and prevent too much build up. If your mister is not performing well, you might need to check the filters every two days. In places where water is known to be very hard, you need a finer filter for your misters to keep it from clogging.

Regularly Check and Clean Your Misting System

misterAs mentioned earlier, your misting system gets clogged easily if the water is excessively hard. If this is the case, then you need to regularly check your system. To clean your misting system all you need to do is to unscrew them and soak them in the vinegar or use a cleaning product that dissolves lime. This will help in unclogging the system. Don’t use nail or needle in the orifice of the mister. These are sensitive parts and can be damaged easily. If you need to replace your old misting system, make sure that you bring the old misting system to match the orifice size and threads.

When the summer season ends or when the weather gets too humid to use the misting system effectively, you can drain the lines and misters will prevent the hard particles from forming in the lines. It will help your misting system last longer.