The Difference between Platform Speakers, Motivational Speakers and Keynote Speakers

There can’t be just one kind of speaker job that fits all categories. Just like doctors and their specializations, speakers can have their own specializations.

Platform speakers are among the most common kinds of speakers right now. These are people who can deliver content on almost any kind of topic. But they aren’t particularly focused on the topic they’re delivering. They’re more focused on promoting their products. These products could range from instructional videos, training seminars, consultancy services, clubs, and even personalized merchandise. Although they have spent a considerable amount of time mastering the content of their speeches, they are sure to spend a small part of each speech promoting their own brand.

Platform speakers usually take advantage of events that have a small rate. They aren’t interested in the amount they’ll earn from speaking in certain gatherings; instead, they use those as opportunities to reach out to their target markets. They’re more promoters than speakers in nature.

Motivational SpeakerOn another note, keynote speakers do not focus on selling products. Their main goal is to convey certain messages to the audience. These messages could be on a variety of topics and not just about motivation and success. They could talk about anything, ranging from marketing, sales, science, and even entertainment. The main difference that sets keynote speakers apart from motivational speakers and platform speakers is the fact that they are considered experts in their field. They are given the time to speak because of the message that they can deliver and not because of what they intend to sell to the audience.

Finally, motivational speakers have only one main message. Different motivational speakers have different interpretations of this message and have their own ways of imparting their knowledge to their audiences. Some use funny stories and others use their own personal experiences. Just like keynote speakers, they are paid to speak and not just to appear. This makes their appearance rates bigger than those of platform speakers.

But when it comes to earning, not one kind of speaker is above the other. Although platform speakers do not earn as much as motivational speakers and keynote speakers, they make up for it through their promotions. They may not get paid per speaking session, but they earn through their promotions. They earn sales through subscriptions and purchases of whatever it is that they promote whenever they appear.

Motivational speakers and keynote speakers enjoy higher rates because they come with a lot more promise as compared to a platform speaker. They are usually more experienced, more knowledgeable and have more knowledge and information to share whenever they talk. This is the reason why they can charge so much.

A beginner in the speaking circuit might want to start off as a platform speaker. This is because it doesn’t take much to promote a product. All they need is a product to promote and an audience to purchase it. A popular trend in the speaking circuits is for platform speakers to go professional and concentrate on just being motivational or keynote speakers when they’ve garnered enough experience. But then, there are also those who choose to stay as platform speakers because they’ve found a lucrative following of buyers who love their products.

At the end of the day, it’s all about the personal goals of speakers. What do they want to accomplish? Do they want to talk about a topic that they’re passionate about, or do they want to promote the fruits of their research and labor? Do they want to earn through discourse or through sales? Truth be told though, answering those questions isn’t easy – thorough thinking is indeed necessary.