The Many Uses of Custom Lanyards

Wearing a lanyard is very usual nowadays. Everywhere you look, people are wearing lanyards as part of their daily outfits. Most people wear lanyards to ensure that their identification cards or IDs don’t get misplaced. Different schools and workplaces have chosen to have students and employees wear their IDs with a lanyard instead of the usual ID clips. Easier to wear and not prone to getting lost, the ID lanyards that these institutions provide are mostly customized. Together with the school or company name, the logo can also be found on the personalized lanyards which are usually made with polyester or nylon materials.

However, aside from being used to hold your ID, custom lanyards also have many other uses. They can be used as key holders, gadget straps, safety cords, or even as pet IDs.

1. Keys Holder

Fiddling through your bags to find your keys can sometimes be frustrating, especially when you are in a hurry. To solve this problem, some people opt to wear a lanyard to hold their keys so that they can instantly open and lock doors whenever they need to. Security guards in establishments mostly use lanyards for their different sets of keys. There are also many store owners and employees who use lanyards for their keys.

For this purpose, most people choose to have their custom lanyards made in tubular or polyester material because of its strength and durability. Also, tubular lanyards are quite inexpensive.

2. Gadget Strap

A lot of gadgets now come with straps. Most companies have deemed it necessary to include company custom lanyards with their electronic devices. Today, people are no longer satisfied with having bags or pouches for their gadgets. Because they are always on-the-go and would want everything done instantly, people would rather have their gadgets out and available whenever they need it. This is why lanyards are important – it lets you carry the electronic devices around your neck or wrist, so that you would not have your hands full.

Custom LanyardsAs mentioned, there are a lot of companies that already provide their own lanyards as part of the product package. However, if you want to have your own lanyards customized, it is advisable that you use a material which is very durable so that it can effectively carry the weight of your gadgets. The advisable lanyards for heavy electronics (such as professional cameras) are tubular lanyards or cord lanyards. And of course, you have to choose an equally durable hook that should come with your lanyard.

3. Lifeguard’s Safety Cord/Strap

Most lifeguards are seen to be wearing lanyards with different safety materials attached to their end. This kind of lanyard is sometimes called a safety cord or strap. Because of the crucial nature of a lifeguard’s job, it is very important that his whistle be available to him every time he is on duty. To avoid wasting time looking for a whistle, it is mandated that lifeguards wear a lanyard with their whistle attached to it. Sometimes, the lifeguard also attaches his keys, his sunglasses, a mobile phone, or any other rescue tool to his lanyard.

If you would like to have custom lanyards for this particular use, it is greatly advised that you consider using cord lanyards because they are simple and comfortable to wear. However, if you choose to have your lanyards in polyester material, you may want to have them sublimated so that they would not peel or crack easily.

4. Pet ID

Humans are not the only ones who wear IDs. Today, a collar is no longer sufficient to show ownership or possession over animals, thus owners have deemed it necessary to place IDs on their pets. Through their custom lanyards, dogs and cats are now wearing their identification cards with their collars.

For this purpose, many people select polyester, tubular or woven lanyards because of their strength. These lanyards are complemented by durable leash hook end fasteners or metal snaps.

Given these diverse uses, it’s definitely true that lanyards are among the most versatile accessories.

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