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During your school days, you certainly have gained lots of wonderful memories. And one of those that you can all strongly recollect and never forget was when you were taught of the life-changing story, “The Necklace,” otherwise specifically known as, “The Diamond Necklace,” by Guy de Maupassant.


This story, which actually originated from France with its original title, “La Parure,” and was first published in 1884, featured an exquisitely beautiful woman who desired nothing, but to be with, and also be noticed by her elite friends in not just one, but a bounty of extravagant and festive parties – and to be wealthy, famous, and influential just like them. For Mathilde Loisel, this has always been a mere illusion because ever since she was born up until the time she got married and lived with her husband, she never became as fortunate as the others she admired. Her idea and notion about social status and financial wealth was unbelievable that she saw her simple life as empty, unpleasant, and useless.

Until one time, she got the opportunity to officially attend a splendid gathering. With the expensive dress she bought out of her husband’s meager amount of money, and a stunning diamond necklace she borrowed from the powerful Madame Forestier, she managed to leave all the guests in awe. What they saw in her was a magnificently beautiful woman with a hypnotically shimmering diamond necklace.
After the party, at home, it dawned on her that the necklace was missing and unfortunately, her husband was not able to find it. Thinking of its costly value and how Madame Forestier will surely react, they had to spend 36,000 francs just to purchase one which looks exactly like it. This left them a miserable life, inundated with debt.

Looking at the entire story, it was very evident how the main character got extremely captivated by the beauty and preciousness of jewelries. The author also emphasized the reality in it, that most women like her, can do and sacrifice seriously everything just to obtain such piece of luxury. Well, the fact that when a million of diamonds get mined, only one piece actually reaches the point of being a jewelry, perhaps justifies this.

Moreover, United States of America was determined by 2007 KMPG research as the highest contributor in the industry of jewelry, with a 30.8% market share. While China, India, Middle East, and Japan have a total share of 8-9%. And 5% was delivered by Italy.
Aside from the evident enthusiasm of several countries, most especially USA, in helping the jewelry industry to ascend, it is amazing to know that jewelries also produce and convey abundant sales to pawnshops.
Pawnbrokers, otherwise commonly known as pawnshops, constitute an industry that has been rapidly growing through the years, due to the constant increase of customers and clients continuously putting their trust in it.

Having approximately 11,000 pawnshops nationwide, it was declared in a national report that the average pawn loan in US has increased to $150 in 2015, from being $100 in 2009, and even in a lower amount of $80 in 2008. This industry has proven so much through providing truly impressive amount of market shares. In 2011, the market has received a total of $14.5 billion from them. This year, its revenue is foreseen to have a growth rate of 6.3% which is equivalent to $19.88 billion.
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